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Moroccan Culinary Argan Oil


Culinary Argan Oil 250ml, lightly Toasted and Cold Pressed. For dipping, drizzling or drinking.

One of the rarest and most nutritious oils in the world. Argan oil has been used for centuries by the Berber people of the South West of Morocco as the main lipid in their diet.  With its stunning subtle nutty flavour it is somewhat a chameleon and works exceptionally to balance dishes with contrasting flavours. Taken for health, enjoy it on a salad, in a smoothie or simply have a spoonful a day.

  • 100% pure, fully-traceable single-origin organic argan oil.
  • Cold-pressed and very lightly toasted.
  • Voted as one of the top 50  best tasting foods by The Guild of Fine Food
  • Regular consumption is known to improve heart health, digestion, skin, hair and more.
  • No known allergens and suitable for vegans.

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